Driade Root Glass Vase

  • Model: 8901553-B/8901551-G

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Material: Mouth Blown Borosilicate Glass

Color: - Cobalt Blue or Green

Dimension: - Height 13.7 in (35 cm)
                   - Diameter 4.7 in (12 cm)

Designer: Giorgio Bonaguro for Driade

Product Name: Root

Manufacturer: Driade

Origin: Italy

An outer clear glass cylinder joins an internal colored element reminiscent of a flower plant root. The vase is two-directional: turned one way it becomes a single chamber flower pot; flipped upside down group of flowers will stick out from each of the three protruding vials. Unquestionably a clever elegant eye-catching flower vase.

Since inception (1968) the iconic Italian design company Driade has anticipated new lines of research and coming trends. Over the years, Driade has brought under its aesthetic umbrella the world's most eclectic and creative designers.

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Driade Root Green Glass Vase Driade Root Green and Blue Glass Vases

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