Bottene Lillo Due Pasta Machine

  • Model: USLILLO2
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Dimensions: width 10", length 21", height 10"
                    (25 x 53 x 25 cm)

Weight: 51 lb (23 kg)

Material: - Stainless Steel Body
                - Bronze Dies

Hopper Capacity: 2.2 pounds (1 kg)

Manufacturer: Bottene

Origin: Made in Italy

Unquestionably the Lillo Due (Lillo 2) pasta extruder is an engineering feat: it is designed to make fresh pasta at home but it has the same technical features and robust performance belonging to commercial enterprise fresh pasta machines; for this very reasons it becomes even an appropriate choice for small restaurants.

The Lillo Due Fresh Pasta Machine is completely effortless; it can mix, knead and extrude fresh pasta for 10 servings from start to finish in less than fifteen minutes. All you do is add flour, turn the mixer on, pour in eggs and water, and wait. The Lillo Due machine will mix and knead the dough — about ten minutes. Automatically, the kneaded dough is then extruded through the solid bronze die; as it exits the die you can cut the extruded pasta at desired length. A wide range of optional die shapes provide flexibility for many different pasta formats.

The Lillo Due can mix and knead any kind of flour, including durum wheat, the hardest. It's even possible to make colored pasta by adding pureed tomatoes, spinach, or any other pureed substance. Obviously, for colored pasta, an optimum ratio of flour, pureed substance, and eggs and water must be employed — all easily done with a little experimentation.

Always make sure that the finished dough is drier and more crumbly than would be the case if made by hand; this way the dough will naturally fall from the mixing blades into the extruding dies. If the dough forms lumps because it is too wet, simply add more flour. Inversely, if it's too dry simply add more egg and water until it is perfect. A measuring container for liquids is supplied.

The hopper of the Lillo Due has a maximum capacity of 2.2 pounds (1 kg), enough for ten servings. Smaller batch sizes can be made; the measuring container has markings for 17.6 oz (½kg) and 2.2 pounds (1 kg). It's even possible to swap pasta shape for a single batch of dough: simply stop the machine, change the die, and restart the machine.

The Lillo Due cleaning system is quite easy; no special tools are needed, simply unscrew the locking pin, mixing blade, and die. Wash them in hot water. Keep the bronze die in water after use, so that the pasta that remains inside the die does not go hard. Wipe clean the hopper with a humid cloth.

The four standard bronze dies supplied with the Lillo Due Pasta Machine

Four Bronze Dies Included
 • Spaghetti (ø 1.75 mm)
 • Linguine (width 2.4 mm)
 • Fettuccine (width 7 mm)
 • Rigatoni (ø 7.5 mm)

View Lillo Due Optional
Bronze Dies

Bronze dies extrude pasta with a necessary rough texture that aptly holds sauce.

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