Laudemio Castello di Poppiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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La Costa is an award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil adhering to strict production methodologies dictated by the exclusive Tuscan ‘Laudemio’ consortium

Product Details
Size: 17 fl. oz. (500 ml)
Type: Laudemio Castello Di Poppiano - Podere La Costa
Origin: Montespertoli, Florence, Italy
Manufacturer: Count Ferdinando Guicciardini

Suggested Use For Laudemio Castello Di Poppiano Podere La Costa
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Like the great majority of Central/North Italy tastier olive oils it pairs well with structured preparations and flavors. It is ideal with bitter salads of chicory, rucola, and general wild salads. It accompanies very well beans, or boiled scented vegetables like fennel. By and large, it is good with any grilled or boiled fish or meat, or even sautéed vegetables. Often, It's a good idea to use it cold sprinkled on preparations as finishing touch.

Laudemio Castello Di Poppiano - Podere La Costa Biographical Notes
Position Of The Tuscany Region In Central/North Italy
- Olive Groves: Antico Podere La Costa del Castello di Poppiano.
- Olive Varietals: Frantoio 90%, Pendolino and Moraiolo 10%.
- Harvest: Early hand harvest within the first half of November.
- Processing: A proprietary oil mill allows to process the olives
immediately after harvest (within 24 hours)
and optimise pressing at strictly controlled
cool temperatures.
- Conservation: In steel vats after filtering.
- Colour: Clear fresh green with pleasant bright reflections.
- Nose: Intensively fruity, reminiscent of fresh olives
and recently cut grass.
- Taste: Fresh almonds with a hint of artichoke coupled
with a fruity scent of olive.
Laudemio La Costa Awards
- Gold Medal: 2006 Los Angeles county Fair, "Olive Oils Of The World," Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, category "Italian Classic Blends"
- Top 35: 2004 Der Feinschmecker Olio, category "World's best 250 Olive Oils"
- First Prize: 2002 "Ercole Olivario" Contest In Italy

About The Tuscan Laudemio Consortium

In 1986 a group of olive growers in the heart of Tuscany formed a consortium with the intention to identify and transform into a production standard the most rational criteria for carrying out the various phases of cultivation as well as the harvesting of the olive fruit and the extration of its oil. Subsequently, all participating growers agreed to adhere to precise production standards for their oil production in order to be part of the exclusive club. The consortium chose to call itself 'Laudemio,' an old term used in the Middle Ages in reference to the part of the harvest that was due to the feudal lord. In a broader sense, the term indicates the selected or choice part of total production.

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