Brioche Pasquier Whole Wheat French Toast

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Weight: 8.5 oz (240 g); Total 24 slices

Manufacturer: Brioche Pasquier

Origin: France

Ready-made toasted bread slices are a breakfast staple in France and elsewhere in Europe. Usually butter and jam are the preferred topping; but, of course, any other topping is as good. They are particularly delectable with soft cheese or nutella. They are also good plain as they are; the crunchiness is sheer delight, especially for a quick snack to win the munchies.

The French company Brioche Pasquier makes this excellent crunchy and crispy version using whole wheat flour. In France ready-made toasted bread is called Pain Grillé

Ingredients: 23% Whole Wheat - Wheat Flour - Yeast - Vegetable Fat - Gluten - Sugar - Salt - Ascorbic Acid . May contain traces of milk, sesame and soy.

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