Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno in Tin, 16 oz

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Size: Net Wt 16 oz (450 g)

The Italian classic Amaretti di Saronno cookies are an excellent compliment to fine wines, liquors and coffee. Often they are grated and used as topping for ice creams and different other desserts.

Lazzaroni, the ancient flagship Italian company closely tied to the manufacturing of Amaratti di Saronno, still uses an original secret recipe preserved since 1718; a special process utilizing apricot kernels with no additional flavors.

According to legend, Amaretti di Saronno cookies were introduced in the northern Italian town of Saronno at least three centuries ago during an unexpected visit of the Cardinal of Milano. To honor the Cardinal, two young lovers concocted in a rush a mixture of sugar, apricot kernels and egg white; which they baked obtaining sultry round cookies. The cookies had at the same time the bittersweet taste of almonds and sugar; hence, the two lovers called them Amaretti, which in Italian means slightly bitter.

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