Rougie Duck Fat

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Net Weight: 11.3 oz (320 g)

Manufacturer: Rougié

Origin: Canada

Use duck fat (in French Grasse de Canard) to give rich flavor and delectable texture to almost any dish. Equally important is the fact that duck fat is healthier than other cooking fats: it's low in saturated fat; 20% less than butter or bacon. At the same time, it has a balanced combination of poly and monounsaturated fats that bestow nutritional benefits similar to olive oil.

Duck fat has an high flash point and thus it's an all-purpose cooking medium. It's good for frying, baking, and sautéing. An immediate example of excellent usage is potatoes, baked or fried. Duck fat imparts a golden crust and enhances the earthy flavor of the potato. Another great use is to sear meat, poultry and even seafood for roasting and other cooking methods; the outcome is a crisp golden skin. The same magic works for oven-roasted or sautéed vegetables; duck fat adds richness and facilitates caramelization. It's quite good for deep-frying if mixed with other high flash point fats like safflower or peanut oil for example. Fried food retains a creamy inside and crisp golden quality on the outside. Duck fat is even good for pastry making like simple cookies made 50/50 duck fat and butter. Of course through the century preserving has been its greatest claim especially in France; all French confits must have duck fat as a preserving agent. Fine examples are Southwest France Cassoulet, duck confit,

The long-standing French company Rougié produces this rendered and filtered pure duck fat in Canada from Moulard ducks raised in Quebec.


Rougié duck fat can be kept tightly covered inside
the fridge at least 6 months; in this case it will stay softly solidified. It's possible to freeze it for longer storage.


Use duck fat directly from a solid, soft, or liquid state. Use it the same way as the fat you're replacing. For example, in place of a cold pad of butter use a cold scoop of duck fat. For a drizzle of oil use a drizzle of slightly warmed duck fat. For deep-frying melt solid duck fat over low heat until completely liquefied, then raise heat to high to bring it to suitable frying temperature.

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