Maille Original Traditional Dijon Mustard , 7.5 oz

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Size: 7.5 oz (213 g)

Maille Originale Dijon Mustard has a creamy texture, appealing color, spicy taste, and a smooth finish with just a touch of heat to the nose.

This fine mustard is made exclusively with the Barassica Juncea mustard plant, whose seeds undergo a unique process of selection, mixing, and cutting rather than crushing before being reduced into mustard paste. It's a classic blend dating back to 1747 when the French Maille company was formed; thus, the Maille company has close to three centuries of mustard making expertise.

Maille Originale Dijon Mustard pairs gloriously with all types of foods, enhancing meat, fish, and vegetables dishes. Of course, it is unbeatable to prick up any kind of sandwich. Adding it to macaroni and cheese or a hot potato salad offers a surprising tasty kick. It can also be whisked into vinaigrettes, or any hot or cold sauces.

• Bon Appetit Seal of approval for Best Dijon Mustard in 2012.


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