↓ Where We Ship

   • We ship all products to Street Addresses and Post Office Boxes anywhere in USA.

   • We also ship selected products to various countries around the world.

↓ Exclusive New York City Free Shipping

      • There is a $6 flat-rate charge for orders below $35. Anything above that ships for FREE.

Click here to learn all about New York Special Delivery

↓ Free Shipping for orders above $150

   We will ship your order FREE of charge under the following conditions:

      • Minimum $150 in merchandise per destination

      • Destination must be within the 48 contiguous states of the USA

      • Regular (Ground) Shipping only

      • NOTE: Selected products ship for Free regardless of price.

↓ Flate Rate for orders below $150

To street addresses and to P.O. boxes in all 48 contiguous states of the USA

Shipping Charge
per Destination

Order Total

0 to $149.99

48 States


↓ Low Flat Rate for Small Products

To street addresses and to P.O. boxes

      • For all “low-weight-small-items,” going anywhere in all US contiguous states, we apply a
         low flat rate of $5.95, provided the quantity does not exceed 2-3 items within the overall
         family of “low-weight-small-items.” Anything above the 2-3 items pushes delivery charges
         into the storewide $11 flat rate. In other words, we offer great savings if you only need to
         buy 1-3 "low-weight-small-items.”

↓ Shipping Charges for Heavy Bulky Products

To street addresses and to P.O. boxes

      • Considering that particular products are either very heavy or bulky, given the fact that
        we offer substantial quantity discounts for these products, both "Free Shipping" and
        "Flat Rates" are suspended. In this case, regardless of the quantity ordered, Shipping
        Charges are determined by weight and distance according to both UPS or USPS standard
        rates to which we even apply our own frequent user discounts.

      • The "Heavy Bulky Proudct" rule does not apply to New York City. Given the proximity of
         our facilities, usually these kind of products are hand delivered to the customer. Hence,
         the regular New York City Shipping policy remains as is.

↓ Flate Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, and Virgin Islands

To street addresses and to P.O. boxes

• Shipping Charge
   per Destination

Order Total

Up to $15

$15.01 to $25

$25.01 to $35

$35.01 to $45

$45.01 to $55

$55.01 to $75

$75.01 to $100

$100.01 and over

48 States








20% of order total

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