Fresh White Truffles

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Buy Fresh White Truffles with confidence. Our Italian White Truffles are imported directly from Alba and are guaranteed to be authentic, fresh, and of high-quality.

Freshness And Quality

We receive shipments from Italy twice a week. Our fresh white truffles arrive on American shore 36 hours after being dug up from the ground.

Why Small & Medium Size White Truffles

Small dimension and Medium dimension White Truffles have no notable difference in terms of flavor, fragrance, or smell when equal quantities are shaved on top of a particular food preparation.

Choosing one over the other is a simple matter of aesthetics. When brought to the dinner table a medium sized white truffle looks portentous and it's sure to instill awe amongst dinner guests. Moreover, perhaps most important, the medium sized white truffle, because of its larger mass, certainly gives off a stronger aroma waft, which readily arrives at everybody's nostrils; thus, once more instilling a feeling of awe. Fresh white truffles are an extravagant gourmet winter ritual; and, as such, for some people the vestige of grandeur is seen as a necessity.

In line with its commitment to quality and service, LushBite offers White Truffles in different dimensions in order to satisfy unique preferences and monetary budgets.

All Around Service

We offer both early AM overnight delivery and standard overnight delivery. We even offer special Saturday delivery. Every single order is packed in a thermal lined box with reusable food-friendly gel packs. The goal is for the truffles to arrive to you intact and as fresh as possible.

Next Day Free Delivery For Manhattan Residents

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